Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm back!!!!

Been quite sometimes since the last time this blog is being updated. Not that this blog is dying but my final project papers & my final exams forced me to hold any merapu story. yes ... after my final exams & submission of my project papers, i spent most of my time taking care of my childrens, since this is the only opportunity for me to pamper my two kids sebab once dah start kerja sure takde banyak masa can be spent to them. Then after my graduation we went for a short holiday break to Goldcoast & Melbourne. picture tak dan lagi nak upload dalam my fotopages. We touched down at KLIA tepat jam 8.20pm 31st July 2006. kesian to my two hero sebab kepanasan sebab it is winter in Australia!!! hahahahaha aku pun kepanasan gak ... tapi sekejap aje .. lepas tu oklah. Sekarang aku dah start kerja, pening gak banyak menda nak kena buat nih ... aku pegi keje sekarang pun naik limo panjang 2 gerabak tanpa driver. hehehehehehehe nantilah aku sambung lagi sebab nak buat kerja nih


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